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“The eDrometer is now our primary tool for measuring SG, Brix, and Plato … all in one sample. It’s quicker, more accurate, and easier to use than our mechanical hydrometers and refractometers. We’re not going back.”

Shannon Carter

Shannon Brewing

"The eDrometer is great. My favorite aspects are the small sample volume required and fast precise readings. I love this thing!"

Rick Burch

CaskWerks Distilling

I checked out the eDrometer.

Its actually pretty sweet. I can see a microbrewery really liking the instrument. It is super easy to use. (I would like to know how it actually finds the reading, it is not in the manual). The instructions make it seem like it will be a really lengthy process but compared to a hydrometer and the variability when reading it, especially if there is any carbonation, it is miles above. I don't really have any big suggestions or improvements as it is super straight forward. The only suggestion I have is when cleaning/rinsing with DI instead of using the syringe to drain the water by pulling, I filled the syringe and pushed the water out. That seemed to work well and I'm not sure canned air would be necessary. I also like that the read out is precise to 0.01 over our meter which reads to 0.1. Lastly, if a brewery is tight on space and every inch counts as in our lab and our brew lab, having a desktop tool is not the most convenient, though its foot print is very small and reasonable.

Here are the results.

Beast: Density meter: 17.8P. eDrometer: 17.20P

YPT1: Density meter: 6.5P. eDrometer: 6.45P

BW: Density meter: 0.4P. eDrometer: 0.32P

Pretty darn close!

Sara Ferber

QA/QC Chemist
Avery Brewing Company
Boulder, CO

The eDrometer has revolutionized the manner in which I calculate Brix, Specific Gravity, and ultimately Proof each of my batches. It has given me much greater confidence in my TTB reporting.

Thanks for developing this cost effective and user friendly technology!

John Wood

K J Wood Distillers
Colorado, USA