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Q: Can you measure finished beer?

A: Yes as long as it’s de-gassed. We recommend de-gassing your samples using a coffee filter.

Q: Can you measure hot wort?

A: Yes as long as it’s below the stated operating temperature of 95F (35C). We recommend cooling the sample to close to room temperature for the best reading.

Q: Can you measure the ABV of lacquers?

A: No; we can measure the distillate before the sugar/syrup/etc is added but once the additives are added the ABV value is not valid.

Q: Can you measure the ABV of finished beer?

A: No; finished beer has too many components for us to determine the ABV; you are still going to have to use the OG and FG method.

Q: Can you measure the Brix of syrups?

A: Yes; be careful doing this as high viscosity fluids could damage or clog the eDrometer. We have had distillers measure the Brix of agave nectar and molasses.

Q: Is the eDrometer TTB certified?

A: No; not at this time, we are looking into this and it is in our future plans. With that being said we have had several distillers use the eDrometer as a useful tool in the cutting process.

Q: Is there any temperature compensation I need to do?

A: No; the eDrometer is completely temperature compensated, the value displayed is the corrected value.

Q: How often do you need to calibrate the device?

A: There is no need to calibrate the eDrometer, you do have the ability to “trim” the device, this is similar to tarring a scale.

Q: is the eDrometer waterproof?

A: No; it’s water resistant but not water proof.